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Forms and Contracts

If you don't have a tried-and-true method to filling out forms online, you can always print documents, sign them, and scan them back to us.

However, in the digital age, it may be much easier to use an online platform that's free and easy. For now, we recommend using this website if you don't have a preferred alternative

Below are some step-by-step instructions on how to do so.


1) Download the attachments we sent over (almost always in PDF format, but this could be a contract, W9 form, etc.)

2) Save the PDFs to a location on your computer like "downloads" or "desktop"

3)Navigate to the website above and upload whichever form you need to fill out

4) Depending on the document, you can use multiple tools from the top taskbar. For some forms, you can use "forms" input. There are also options for text, signature, etc. 

5) Once you have added all of the necessary information, you can click "Apply Changes" which will prompt you to download your newly edited forms. Save them to a location that works for you and you're all set! 


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